Tuesday, 29 November 2011

What I Wore week 3

Away we go with week 3!
I have to admit, I had a slip-up this week - I didn't get a chance to take a photo of what I wore on Friday!  I was at work all day, home for about half an hour, then off to a choir concert, so I ended up wearing 3 different outfits.

For this Made by Me Monday, I wore my elephant dress - the first dress I made.  I'll be blogging about that dress properly when I can line up my sister to take photos for me.

Tuesday's dress has a really interesting lattice detail at the front, and a cutout at the back - here's a picture of the back.  These little details really make the dress something special, and I'd love to incorporate something like this into my own sewing.

On Wednesday, I had fun taking a swirly photo with my skirt - I love this skirt so much!  I bought it off Modcloth (it's called the "Let's Talk Lace" skirt, but it's no longer on the site so I can't attach a link), but it was lined in regular, slightly see-through cotton lining fabric.  This would be alright in a normal skirt, but when you have lace + see-through lining you end up with a very very unwearable skirt.  So I got some beige poplin from Spotlight and drafted a new lining, so now I can wear the skirt without being paranoid that everybody can see absolutely everything underneath.  My new lining is French seamed and falls about half an inch shorter than the original lining, so it adds some body to the skirt but isn't visible from the outside.

 (Action shots of spinning are very attractive - NOT!  But this is a small peek into how much fun I had wearing this skirt - love it!)

My physio gave me black strapping tape this time (instead of skin-coloured) for some reason, so I thought I'd show it off - because it's such a good look!  But seriously, this stuff is magical.  I was getting really bad headaches and neck cramps, but the physio released all the muscle spasms, gave me exercises, and taped my shoulders, and I haven't had any problems!

On Thursday, you may notice my necklace - I made a matching set of necklaces for the girls and pins for the guys in my choir, in choir colours.  I'll add some better pictures later on in the week, and a link to the tutorial I used to make these gorgeous little things.

It's starting to heat up a lot here in the North, so I'm loving my shorts and dresses - though I didn't realise that I wore quite so many skirts and dresses this week until I put together this photoset!

  • Saturday: Black shirt with flowers and ribbons (Forever New), denim shorts (Jay Jays)
  • Sunday:  White peasant-style dress (Ladakh), skin-coloured slip (Big W)
  • Monday: Elephant dress, made by me
  • Tuesday: Dress with flowers, lattice front and cutout back (Sportsgirl)
  • Wednesday: Blue shirt (Dotti), Lets Talk Lace skirt (Modcloth)
  • Thursday: Pink dress with flowers (Tree of Life)
  • Friday daytime: Garden Pixel Top (Modcloth), black trousers (Portmans)
  • Friday afternoon: Denim short shorts (Just Jeans), green top (Just Jeans)
  • Friday evening: Fille The Love Dress (Modcloth), black short-sleeved bolero/cardi (Portmans), I Spiral tights (Modcloth)


  1. Oh how I love your Monday dress!

  2. Thank you! I love it too :) The only bad thing is that it's not a good one to wear on the days when I want to blend into the background, haha :P
    My sister loved it so much that she convinced me to make her one the same, except with a blue bodice and hem band, and the elephant fabric is a red background with blue ears and details - I'll post that one up at some point as well!