Sunday, 20 November 2011

What I Wore week 2


You may have noticed that Thursday is missing - I was at work all day, so I was just wearing my work uniform - something I'm not really comfortable sharing with the whole of the internet!
This Monday I wore my self-made denim scallop skirt with little flowers and nautical buttons, Sunday was my Cat Empire shirt (best band in the whole world!!), and I just realised that I wore the same style of shirt on Monday and Tuesday!
Also, the Friday dress is going to be handed down/across to my sisters - nothing I could do would result in a good photo, so I just gave up and did a silly one!  It's just a little too short and a little too tight around the bodice, and it makes my arms look kind of funny.  It's a shame, because it really is a nice dress, but it just doesn't flatter me at all!

On Saturday the 19th, my choir did a performance at one of our local nursing homes, which was lovely.  It's great to get out and perform for people who actually love hearing the music, rather than just for the families of the performers who are there out of duty - not that I don't enjoy performing for families, it just makes a nice change!  Our choir's colours are black, teal, and white, so we got told to wear one of those colours (or a combination) on top and denim on the bottom - so this isn't what I normally wear for choir!

  • Saturday: Blue shirt (Dotti), love heart skirt (Forever New) - not sure if you can see it, but the pockets are little love hearts, and the buttons are gold-rimmed with a gold love heart on a white background.  Very sweet!
  • Sunday: my Cat Empire shirt (bought at their concert in April last year), my denim shorts (JayJays) - not pictured
  • Monday: White bow/ruffle shirt (Forever New), denim scallop and flowers skirt (made by me)
  • Tuesday: Navy blue and white striped bow/ruffle shirt (Forever New), brown pants (Just Jeans)
  • Wednesday: Owl shirt (MonsterThreads, bought as a present from my sister!), brown pants (Just Jeans)
  • Thursday: Work uniform
  • Friday: Work uniform for most of the day then the dress in the afternoon
  • BONUS: Black shirt with flowers and ribbons (Forever New), jeans (Just Jeans), necklace (Diva), music

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