Sunday, 4 December 2011

Update on the What I Wore series

So, my first brilliant idea for the blog, documenting what I wear each day, has fallen through.  It's week 4 of my challenge, and I'm finding it really really hard to take photos of my outfits each day.  I find myself getting to 10pm, going to have a shower, and realising that I still haven't taken the daily photo and the lighting is going to be bad, and this week I just haven't been bothered.
Is this something that you enjoy seeing?  I'm tossing up whether I should suck it up, write off week 4, and just keep on going, or if I should just abandon it.
Of course, I'll still be trying to keep to my Made by Me Mondays, and all of the other goals, I just wouldn't be showing you everything every day.
Any input is very very welcome!

1 comment:

  1. I think they're really cute, but if you're finding it difficult why not just show the outfits that you really love. Who knows, it might start off with 1 day a week, and you'll eventually get back to 7? :)