Sunday, 4 December 2011

Choir necklaces

These darling little necklaces are one of my recent crafting activities.  I made at least 20 of these for the directors of my choir and the group of choirs that I'm in, our accompanist, and the members of my choir.  Of course, they are in my choir colours of teal(ish), white, and black.
I made them following this magnificent tutorial that I found on Pinterest.  I used 22 gauge silver-coated wire instead of the recommended 24 gauge (because I couldn't find any) and it worked perfectly fine - the only small problem was that my fingers were sort of sore afterwards!  Of course, I also used round-nosed pliers and the ones with the bent head - I don't know what the name of that one is!  I just call it the bendy one, but I know that's not what it's supposed to be called.

They have a small jump ring attached to the top, so that they can be put onto a necklace as a pendant, or a bracelet as a charm, depending on what the wearer feels like.

Here they are, all wrapped up in their teal(ish) bags, ready to be given out!

We also have 3 guys in the choir, and they wanted some too, so I found some tiny safety pins in mum's sewing box, and wrapped the wire on the back around the pins so now they can be worn on the shirt or tie, or wherever!  I didn't get any photos of the back of them, but here they are attached to my dress, when I was taking them for a test run - or just playing around, either way!

BONUS PICTURE: my pendant on a silver chain - hopefully this will give a little idea of the scale :) (and my button that's coming undone, which I didn't realise until just now!)

PS: Sorry for having the pictures all in a row - I wanted to have them two to a row, but I can't make them sit next to each other!!  Any ideas for how to fix this?


  1. hmmm,i may be able to, i'd have to have a look though

  2. here's a link to a blog post that links to a html code generator for side by side pictures. i use it all the time!