Sunday, 29 July 2012

Back again... sort of!

So, it has come to my attention that it's been two months since I last posted!  And I haven't been doing nothing over these uni holidays.
In the last six weeks I have...
  • Had my wisdom teeth out
  • Taught myself to knit in the round and finished a beret while sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself after having my teeth out
  • FINALLY cut and sewn my choir dress - still needs hemming because the horsehair braid didn't work out with my material
  • Sat and looked at my petticoat material, read the tutorial about ten times, and yet have not cut or sewn it
  • Was in a production of A Christmas Carol put on by one of my friends from uni - I was the stage manager and an actor, as well as getting a battlefield promotion to lighting designer and rehearsal lighting operator when the guy who was going to do it was unable to do the show
  • For the production, made two skirts, one overskirt, two tops, and little arm ruffly things - hopefully pictures to come soon!
  • Am half-way through knitting a beanie for my sister
So I've been busy, and posting completely slipped my mind!  I've been reading everyone's blogs though, and just sort of lurking in the background without commenting, haha!
However, I was a bit sad when uni went back... because this is the list of things I wanted to make over the holidays, written at the beginning:
  • Choir dress + petticoat
  • Nautical mini-wardrobe
  • Fix zippers on owl dress and tulip skirt
  • Start on pay it forward presents
  • More tops - clinical and some casual
  • Fix hem on green skirt
I have all the material for my mini-wardrobe, the zippers will take about five minutes each, and I'm going to try something different this semester - splitting things into ten-minute jobs, so I can sew lots of little bits in my study breaks instead of sewing for a whole day every now and then!  So we shall see how it works out.

And just to conclude with a picture, so this isn't just a big block of text, here's a photo from the production!  You can see me on the far right.
This photo was taken by my friend Nim's parents, on the Friday night performance.

For anybody who is familiar with the story (or interesed), I was Fred's Wife (yes, that was my actual character's name!  We later re-named her Margaret so people could stop calling her Mrs Fred :P).  This scene is at a Christmas party Fred and Margaret are throwing, during the scenes with the Ghost of Christmas Present.  From left to right we have Fred (Scrooge's nephew), three party guests (one of whom is behind the pole), the Ghost of Christmas Present, Topper (who is one of the Charity Gentlemen, and Fred's friend), and me, Margaret/Mrs Fred!

I'll have to ask around the cast to see if there are any other pictures of me from on the night, because I can't find a single other one of me!  In any case, I had some adventures with the tops, so I'll definitely be posting about them at some point!

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